Experiencia Negra: El loco del callejón

El Loco del Callejón is the 24th escape room in the Top World Ranking. Its 190m2, it includes a touch of role-playing and its frenetic tension make it a must in Valencia. Ready?

Up to 8 players
100 minutes
Theme: Tension
Our awarded experience!

Experiencia Negra: El Loco del Callejón

You have booked a room in a Motel for the weekend, a perfect plan for adventurers! But when you arrive at the place, everything is deserted, except for a very peculiar cleaner who welcomes you...

Soon you discover the presence of a hooded man lurking in the dark alley that runs through the neighborhood. Talking to him is impossible: he doesn't speak, he only shouts and goes after you with his rusty chains. What you thought was going to be a weekend with friends in a poor quality motel turns into something else: this mysterious disturbed man wants to collect you.

You must stick together and find out what is going on in that place, as time is running out and that mysterious man is after you in a hurry through the sinister alley that runs through the motel.

Will you be able to escape with your life as the collector stalks you?

Let yourself go, get into the role, role-play and enjoy this adventure where tension, adrenaline and fun are guaranteed!

*Minimum age 15 years old (accompanied by an adult)

*No pregnant players.

*Not recommended for groups of 2 inexperienced players.

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What is the Experience like?

El Loco del Callejón is a tension/suspense escape room that has won international awards. The experience has 190m2 for the team and the role-playing plays an essential role: it will make you get fully into the story and setting and will leave its mark on you. We recommend you to let yourself go and interact with the characters!

Get ready to enjoy an unforgettable experience!

An awarded escape room

El Loco del Callejón is a game that due to its setting, its high intensity and its unparalleled acting, has been valued very positively among experts in the escape room sector. It has been nominated for national and international awards, proudly achieving the 24th position in the international TERPECA awards, in the 2023 edition.

Now we want you to enter our sinister alley and judge for yourselves.

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