Our experiences in Valencia

In Experiencity Colors Valencia we have what you are looking for: choose our experiences and get ready to overcome our riddles and challenges in the shortest time possible. Tension experiences, competitive escape rooms, adventure experiences, and even escape rooms for large groups...

The largest variety of escape rooms that there is in Valencia!

Experiencia Negra: El Loco del Callejón

You have booked a room in a Motel to spend the weekend, but soon you will discover that there is someone in the shadows watching you...

Calle de Guillem de Castro, 123

Experiencia Blanca: Proyecto C

It's time to go with your team to the Project C selection process and prove that you are the best candidates to save humanity.

Carrer de Salvador Almenar, 4

Experiencia Rosa

You have accepted a strange invitation to participate in “children's games”. Inside awaits an irresistible prize, with a deadly danger... Let the game begin.


Experiencia Naranja: Aladino

Enter Allabah, survive the hot desert and get the marvelous lamp that will fulfill all your desires.


Colors Escape Room Valencia

In Experiencity Colors Valencia you can enjoy immersive stories, unforgettable characters and different themes.

Suitable for all ages and with a wide variety of themes, Experiencity Colors is the escape room that everyone wants to go to in Valencia. An unforgettable experience from the moment you walk through the door of our locations.

All our experiences are taken care of to the smallest detail, putting a lot of care and attention to the setting, immersion, technology...

When you play one of our escape rooms you will want to repeat!

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All our escape rooms in Valencia

Experiencity offers the largest catalog of escape room experiences in Valencia. We have more brands and locations with the same value and quality of Experiencity Colors.

In Academia de Magia by Experiencity two experiences are waiting for you in the most famous School of Wizardry. Become a wizard for a day and enjoy a fun and magical event with your group, dust off the wands!

At The City by Experiencity you will find the most fun escape room in Valencia.

First timers or nostalgic ones can enjoy our experiences in Classic by Experiencity, where you will find more classic escape rooms that will test your abilities.

And if you're brave enough, try our horror escape rooms at Terror Stories by Experiencity, two sagas with immersive stories and award-winning horror escape rooms!

Escape rooms for all audiences

In Experiencity Colors Valencia we offer experiences for all audiences: families, friends, large groups, companies, couples... No matter if you have not played before or if you are an expert, if you are looking for a different plan to share with your family and friends, once you try our experiences you will repeat!

Escape rooms with friends or family

Experiencia Naranja and Experiencia Rosa are perfect for you to live a unique adventure. And if you like strong emotions, try our Experiencia Negra!

Escape rooms for companies and large groups

If you are a large group or you are looking for teambuilding in your company, our Experiencia Blanca is what you need. It encourages teamwork, with a competitive touch.

Escape rooms adapted for children

Enjoy our experiences with the little ones! Play with them and spend an unforgettable day full of adventures, the kids will have a great time in our escape rooms!