Experiencia Blanca: Proyecto C

The time has come to go with your team to the Project C selection process and prove that you are the best candidates to join the project that will save humanity.

Up to 8 players
70 minutes
Theme: Space
Our experience for large groups!

Experiencia Blanca: Proyecto C

The apocalypse is imminent: tsunamis are pounding our coasts, hurricanes and fires are destroying our cities and tornadoes are destroying our crops.

The planet is dying and it is too late to save our species? Or is it?

A small group of scientists has been working in the shadows on the last hope for surviving total extinction: Project C.

They have contacted you to attend a selection process to determine who deserves to be part of the project. Prove that you are the best candidate to be part of the project!

You are the last hope of humanity.

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What is the Experience like?

Project C is a competitive hall escape. Unlike a conventional escape room, the hall escape is the alternative for large groups. In them, instead of interacting with a whole room, you interact around a single object, in which you will find the same type of puzzles and hiding spaces as in a traditional escape room.

You will have to divide into teams and compete to complete the selection process before the others!

Perfect for large groups, teambuilding and celebrations!

More people, more fun! Celebrate birthdays, bachelor parties, events and parties in an unforgettable way with your colleagues, friends or family, and enjoy a different plan with a great variety of games.

This is a portable escape room, so we can take Project C anywhere! In this case, contact us by calling 616 55 19 18 or email to info@experiencityvalencia.com

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