Yellow Experience

The Yellow Experience is an escape room that will make you relive the greatest adventure of your childhood!

Up to 7 players
70 minutes
Theme: Adventure
Our biggest experience: 150m2

The largest Escape Room in Experiencity

As children we all admired those adventurers who got great pirate treasures. Now you will be the main character of this story.

An escape room with more than 150 square meters, the largest in Madrid, where every step you take will surprise you more and more. For 70 minutes you will forget who you are to be part of an adventure that will make you smile like the child you once were. This experience requires some physical agility at some point. We recommend consulting in case of having any physical mobility issues.

*It is very much recommended to do this experience in comfortable clothes

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What is the experience like?

The Yellow Experience is the flagship of Experiencity, an admired game in the escape room sector with international recognition after being awarded among the 300 best escape rooms in the world by the international TERPECA awards. Would you like to go back to your childhood?

Also for children!

The Yellow Experience has a KIDS version that will allow little ones to enjoy the same experience but adapted to their age. They will be accompanied at all times by a specialized actor that will dramatize each scene and will make the game totally safe and fun for them.

This escape room is an activity that encourages teamwork as well as cooperation and communication among players. It includes games of visual skill, mathematical and linguistic logic, and imagination.

Facing these challenges as a team will make the kids, besides having fun, develop a series of skills and abilities very useful in their growth.