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Our Experiences in Madrid

Would you like to relive some of your childhood adventures? Travel through other ages? Enjoy exotic worlds or feel like a hero for one day?

In Experiencity Colors we have what you are looking for: choose our experiences and get ready to overcome our challenges in the shortest time. Adventure, action and technologic Escape Rooms, for big groups, for kids...

The biggest offer of Escape Rooms that you will find in Madrid!

Experiencia Dorada: Desmadre en Las Vegas

¡La Experiencia Dorada es nuestro escape room más divertido en el que no pararás ni un segundo con juegos originales de todo tipo!

Calle Cobos de Segovia 16

Experiencia Rosa: Luz Verde

The Pink Experience is the most highly competitive escape room ever known to mankind. It is in Madrid and you have been chosen to participate in this edition.

Calle Sambara 116

Experiencia Perla: Atlantis

You have found the location of the lost city of Atlantis.
Will you be able to cross The Atlanta Door to discover what the submerged city hides?

Plaza Francisco Morano 3

Experiencia Naranja: Aladino

The Orange Experience is an escape room that will transport you to Allabah, where the setting and its immersive tasks will leave you breathless.

Calle Sambara 116

Experiencia Amarilla

We have all been children...
Relive the greatest adventure of our childhood.

Plaza Francisco Morano 3

Experiencia Roja

Will you be able to recover the mask of Emperor Qin Shi Huang?

Plaza Francisco Morano 3

Experiencia Azul: Atrincherados Madrid

Get access to the fortress of nazi high command and run from the trench. We are at war!

Plaza Francisco Morano 3

Experiencia Morada

If you are reading this, you are The Resistance.
Defeat the Reich with Dr Jones’ help

Plaza Francisco Morano 3

Experiencia Verde: El escondite del hacker

Can you protect the legacy of one of the greatest hackers in the world?

Plaza Francisco Morano 3

Experiencia Arcoiris: Retro Escape Box

What did you play when you were a kid?
Travel back in time, go through the rainbow and relive the magic in our hall escape.


Colors: the biggest escape room in Madrid

Experiencity Colors is the biggest Escape Room in Madrid where you can enjoy 9 unforgettable experiences, getting inside of immersive stories and overcoming all kind of challenges.

Suitable to all kinds of public and with a big range of themes, Experiencity Colors is the escape room everybody wants to go to in Madrid. An unique experience since you walk through our door.

All of our rooms are taken care of to the minimum detail, with an emphasis in the decoration, immersion and technology.

After playing one of our Escape Room you will want to repeat!

All Experiencity venues

Experiencity offers the largest catalog of escape room experiences in Madrid. We have more brands and locations with the same value and quality of Experiencity Colors.

In La Orden by Experiencity you will find immersive and spectacular games starring enigmatic historical characters such as Jack the Ripper, the Yeti or Hippolyta the queen of the Amazons.

At The City by Experiencity you will find the most fun escape room in Madrid.

And if you are brave enough, try our horror escape rooms at Terror Stories by Experiencity.

Events for large groups

If you have an event to organize, Experiencity is the solution! We have a wide range of escape rooms and games for large groups to make the event you had in mind a reality. In our premises or in your own location, we can adapt!

Do you need us to design a personalized experience for your friends, co-workers or family to enjoy? We will make it happen.

Check out the events we offer with actors and fully dynamic games in our Events section.

And if you need more information, contact us without any compromise at and we will get to work.