Who We Are

Experiencity is an experience agency specialized in offering its clients a series of challenges and dares in a playful way.

Our adventure began in 2019 when we opened our first location: Experiencity Colors. Nowadays in that location all players can enjoy 8 unforgettable experiences, diving into immersive stories and overcoming all kinds of challenges and mechanisms.

We continued our adventure in La Orden, our location in street Tomás Borrás No10, with 7 new Challenges, based on historical characters in which the escapists will know another side of History.

Then came The City. Born from the merger with Dale al Coco, we expanded the number of rooms to play making some of them replayable and creating some from zero. La Nevera, Virus, Ciudad de Vacaciones, La Lavandería and The Club are waiting for you in Calle San Cayetano.

In 2022, we expanded Experiencity joining some of the best in the industry. The entire La Zona Escape Room team joined the family, offering you a new narrative in The Morgan Saga, and Dragon Room joined us as well with its courageous room El Equipo D.

All our rooms are taken care of to the smallest details, putting a lot of dedication in the setting, immersion, technology, acting...

In addition, we design customized and personalized events for you to enjoy with your friends, family or work colleagues, we even design events for weddings! We have portable escape rooms for your guests to have an unforgettable time, and we can design custom escape rooms no matter how crazy your idea is.

Our mission is to offer you unique experiences.