Rainbow Experience: Retro Escape-Box

What did you play when you were a kid?
Travel back in time, go through the rainbow and relive the magic in our hall escape.

Up to 15 players
60 minutes
Hall Escape
Our Experience for the largest groups

Relive your childhood in this colourful experience

The Rainbow Experience is an escape room that invites you to relive the games and toys you enjoyed during your childhood!

Do you remember those ‘tazos’ you played with in the schoolyard or those ‘Gogo`s’ that were impossible to knock down? The Rainbow Experience will take you back to those wonderful years where everything was better.

An escape room where you will experience the nostalgia of manipulating those forgotten toys and remember the special moments of your childhood.


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What is the experience like?

The Rainbow Experience is an escape room, which is portable and if you need it we can take it wherever you need. It is perfect for large groups, as it allows up to 24 people to play simultaneously.

At the beginning of the game, players will be divided into four teams of six members each. Each team has its own box to open. You will work as a team among the members, but at the same time you will compete with the other teams to see who is the first to open it all.

In addition, two actors will accompany the players throughout the game, acting as moderators and hosts, helping the less skilled players and increasing the difficulty for the more experienced ones, in order to maintain the excitement until the last second.

With its teamwork dynamics and fun characteristics, The Rainbow Experience is also an excellent choice for team building events or celebrations. It boosts creativity, communication and collaboration among members.

Also for children and teenagers!

ToyBox is the escape room for the little ones with a version of The Rainbow Experience specially designed for kids and teens.

With this version, the youngsters of the 2000 Generation will have fun with riddles and challenges based on their favorite characters and movies, popular video games, and TV series, in addition to finding games and elements that their parents played with, creating an intergenerational space that will unite the illusions and emotions of different generations.

The game mechanics are similar to the original version, but with more current content and adapted to a younger audience.

Also, if you are looking for a fun way to celebrate a birthday, do not hesitate to contact us!