Blue Experience

The Blue Experience is a 90-minute action escape room in which you will enter the trenches of World War II.

Up to 7 players
90 minutes
Theme: Action
Our most physical experience

An action-packed experience

The story takes place on August 15, 1944. Our enemies have captured "Perconte" and we believe that they are torturing him. We fear that he will reveal our positions before we attack to liberate Paris from German troops.

The 101st Airborne Division has just given us information of a barracks where high-ranking German commanders are entrenched.

We believe our friend is being held there. We have managed to decipher an encrypted message which lets us know that they are going to attack Paris today. We have to get into their fortress and find Perconte to liberate Paris!

We are at war! Get into the trenches, save Perconte and escape!

*Soldiers! It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes and shoes to the trenches and also certain physical agility is required.

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What is the experience like?

The Blue Experience stands out for its ambiance and high intensity. The adrenaline of this experience will leave you exhausted, proud to have escaped alive from our trenches. One of the few action rooms in Madrid, comparable to our Kennedy Experience in La Orden.

To the trenches, soldiers!

An award-winning escape room

The Blue Experience is a room that thanks to its setting, its high intensity and unique action, has been valued very positively among experts in the escape room sector. Blue Experience has been nominated several times in the international TERPECA awards, obtaining the 47th position in the world in the last edition.

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