Orange Experience

The Orange Experience is an escape room that will transport you to Allabah, where the setting and its immersive tasks will leave you breathless.

Up to 7 players
90 minutes
Theme: Adventure
The most magical experience!

The most magical experience

You, petty thieves, have the chance to do something that will be remembered forever! You have no power to take on the Vizier, but perhaps there is something that will help you end his tyranny. Since the art you master the most is the one of theft, try to use your cunning and get the only thing that can overthrow the Vizier's dark magic: the wondrous lamp.

It is not an easy task and many have perished in their search. Will you be able to recover it and with it, put an end to this yoke that hangs over the region?

Enter this territory, get to know its people and ask for it, for the marvelous lamp. Start your adventure and find out if the legend is true. Are you ready?

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What is the experience like?

The Orange Experience is the latest jewel of Experiencity Colors. With more than 100m2, it is full of details and references to the classic tale that will make you put yourself in the shoes of Allabah's most famous thief. Its rooms are completely decorated, and its special effects will surprise you.

An adventure full of magic and wonders awaits you in Aladdin.