Pearl Experience

The Pearl Experience is an escape room in which your objective is not to escape, but to recover the treasure of Atlantis.

Up to 12 players
75 minutes
Theme: Mythology
Our most interactive experience

The important thing is to enter, not escape from this escape room

For centuries, the lost treasure of Atlantis has remained in the popular imagination as one of the most precious treasures of our planet to find.

Now, the treasure of Atlantis is no longer a legend but a reality, as explorers have found its location. Only one last step remains to discover the advanced technology hidden inside: The Atlanta Gate.

Will you be able to get through it in this fantastic escape room so you can discover the treasure of the submerged city?

*Although this experience has new rooms, it is not replayable if you have played Atlantis by Elements Fire.

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How is the experience?

The Pearl Experience will have a very important and fun interactive factor, as the Game Master will accompany you at all times playing a friendly, ironic and a little mad character. The level of interaction with him is up to you, but we recommend you to get into the role as much as possible!

Excitement and fun guaranteed, team!

Also for large groups!

Pearl Experience is an escape room experience in Madrid somewhat different from a conventional room. It is a game that has also been designed for large groups, so it can be played by groups from 2 to 12 people.

However, for groups of very experienced players, it is recommended not to book for more than 6 people. From 8 or more people, we will divide you into two teams that will work with each other so that you can do the tasks more comfortably. You will all play together!

This type of escape room is perfect for large groups: for celebrations, birthdays, or corporate team building.

Don't miss the opportunity to test your teamwork!