An escape room set in China

The Red Experience is an escape room with a spectacular setting that portrays the Forbidden City of Beijing.

Up to 7 players
70 minutes
Theme: Adventure
Our experience with the best setting

Red Experience

The Red Experience tells the story of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, who achieved great accomplishments: building the Chinese wall, unifying the states of China with a common language and currency... He was buried in an impenetrable tomb next to the famous terracotta army. Legend has it that on his face rests a priceless mask...

Will you be able to delve into the mysteries of the Forbidden City of Beijing and reach the tomb of the emperor to get his valuable mask?

Immerse yourself in an escape room that will leave you speechless. An immersive experience from the moment you walk through the door of our facilities.

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What is the experience like?

The Red Experience has more than 100 square meters that will make you feel like you are in China. Nominated as one of the best rooms in the world in the international escape room awards (TERPECA) in 2022, it is the first escape room that launched Experiencity and it will be a safe bet in your choice. Would you dare to make this trip to ancient China?

Different levels of difficulty!

The Red Experience is an escape room designed for you to enjoy a unique experience, no matter your level of experience. It has three levels of difficulty to suit you:

- Beginner: for those who decide to get started in the wonderful world of escape rooms. Adapted for you to understand the logic and dynamics that contain an escape room and that will allow you to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

- Medium: for those who have already played and want a little more.

- Medium-high: for those people who already have enough experience and every challenge that is in front of you, you make it small.