Pink Experience

The Pink Experience is the most highly competitive escape room ever known to mankind. It is in Madrid and you have been chosen to participate in this edition.

Up to 6 players
70 minutes
Theme: Games
Our most competitive Experience

The most competitive escape room

The most famous and competitive contest in human history is launching a new edition!

Congratulations: you have been selected to participate in it. There can be up to 6 participants and you will have 70 minutes. You will face a series of games, with the goal of winning a large amount of money that will put an end to all your problems.

Once the game begins, you will not be able to leave or exit our facilities.

Just another extra detail: there's only one winner.

*In addition to Escape Room type tasks, it includes competitive mini-games, inspired by popular games of our country; and it has references to some popular TV shows. However, it is not a game inspired by the Squid Game..

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What is the experience like?

It is a collaborative game with an individual competition for a succulent prize. None of the players will be eliminated in the course of the trials. All players will play to the end but there will only be one winner. It is very much recommended to do this experience in comfortable clothes. This experience does not require much agility, but it does have some more physical tests. There may also be double heights or moments of some physical agility.

For those who don't want/can't do any of the activities there is always an alternative, let the Game Master know!

Also for children!

The Pink Experience has a KIDS version that will allow little ones to enjoy the same experience but adapted to their age. They will be accompanied at all times by a specialized actor that will dramatize each scene and will make the game totally safe and fun for them.

This escape room is an activity that encourages teamwork as well as cooperation and communication among players. It includes games of visual skill, mathematical and linguistic logic, and imagination.

Facing these challenges as a team will make the kids, besides having fun, develop a series of skills and abilities very useful in their growth.