Green Experience

The Green Experience is a highly technological escape room, without a single lock, in which you will help a mysterious hacker.

Up to 7 players
70 minutes
Theme: Technology
Our most difficult experience

Help the hacker in the most technological experience

An escape room in which you will help a famous Hacker who, after many years serving the population and bringing to the light the dark interests of governments, now sees their systems in danger. It is as if the system had developed a new algorithm on their own.

Their masterpiece has gotten out of hand so they have contacted you because they need your help.

This is the Hacker's last chance to stop the nanotechnology he designed from crashing the Internet as we know it. But they can't do it alone... Help them regain control of their system!

An escape room related to the times we live in in which you will not stop solving puzzles and riddles with technological elements and gamer themes. The excitement and tension of advancing to the next riddle will leave you breathless.

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What is the Experience like?

The Green Experience has a long history in Experiencity with great positive reviews from our customers. Recently renovated with an improvement in atmosphere, gameplay and spectacularity makes it a safe bet to spend a fun, unique and unrepeatable moment.

Will you be able to solve all the puzzles in time?

Different levels of difficulty!

The Green Experience is an escape room designed for you to enjoy a unique experience, no matter your level of experience. It has two levels of difficulty to suit you:

- Medium level: suitable for all players. The Green Experience is a room that will test all your skills and abilities.

- High level: for those who like strong emotions and the ambition to overcome challenges.

Remember that our game masters will help you in everything you need to live a perfect experience. Ready?