Purple Experience

The Purple Experience is an escape room with a scenography that will leave you breathless, in which you will live an adventure with Dr. Jones.

Up to 7 players
85 minutes
Theme: Adventure
The most cinematographic experience

Help Doctor Jones in a spectacular experience

What would have happened if the war had been won by the Nazis?

In the American Reich, the Resistance is organizing against the Führer, but Dr. Jones has been arrested!

You will go incognito as SS agents to "sneak" into the Adolf Hitler University of Chicago in order to find evidence incriminating Dr. Jones. Your mission is to recover the knowledge he acquired for the Resistance and defeat the Reich.

With your help we will achieve victory against the Nazis!

*It is very much recommended to do this experience in comfortable clothes since this experience requires some physical action

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What is the experience like?

The Purple Experience is an adventure escape room that has evolved throughout the life of Experiencity and today stands as one of the most spectacular experiences in terms of visuals and gameplay in the Colors by Experiencity, with a surprising ending that you won’t see coming!

Help the most famous archaeologist of the big screen!

Different levels of difficulty!

The Purple Experience is an escape room designed for you to enjoy a unique experience, no matter your level of experience. It has two levels of difficulty to suit you:

- Medium level: suitable for all players. The Purple Experience is a room that will test all your skills and abilities.

- High level: for those who like strong emotions and the ambition to overcome challenges.

Come and enjoy this adventure with us!