Our experience for the little ones

Do the little ones get bored and you don't know what to do anymore to have fun? We understand it, so long at home it tires us all; so imagine what it's like to have to spend it when you're old enough to start discovering the world...

Luckily, we have something for you. This adventure requires all your help and ingenuity:

Experiencity's mascot is missing!

We know that the evil Aburrón is behind it, and it's not just that he took it, it's that he's also made us forget his name. So that we don't find it, he's hidden it in a place that will be very familiar... yes, your own house! That's why we need you to help us find her. You must get it before it's too late. Are you ready?

Download for as little as 5 euros at the following link and get all the materials to start the game:

When you're ready, play the next video and your adventure will kick off.

Experiencity at Home is a home-cooked escape room for children between the age of 6 and 10; although it is designed so that all family members, as old as they are, can participate and have fun. The tests are designed so that you can easily assemble the game with materials that you already have at home, which facilitates its preparation and makes it possible to move on to fun as soon as possible.

This game seeks the entertainment of every family, with evidence that takes place in your own home. Ingenuity, logic and learning adapted for the kids to enjoy.

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